The Meaning Behind Our Troop’s “Identity”


Our “Identity” artwork as a troop has special meaning beyond the initial symbolism of Boy Scout activities:

  1. 1. The Lone Hiker: Represents the trustworthy and loyal individual scout’s journey through life.  His pack represents the fact that he is prepared for the journey.  His walking stick reminds us that the scout is more stable having been taught the values and disciplines that scouting has to offer.

  2. 2. The Eagle: The symbol of the highest award offered though the Boy Scouts of America to the individual scout.  It also reminds the scout of his goal - to be “Eagle Bound.”  It further symbolizes the lunar lander and one of mankind’s greatest achievements giving us hope that we can do almost anything we set our mind to.

  3. 3. The Snow Boarder:  A Scout is cheerful and ready to have fun and enjoy the adventures of life at any time of the year.

  4. 4. The Tree: A symbol of the great outdoors where scouts will apply the many aspects they learn through scouting.  It also represents the wonderful historical park that is our home base - Corona Heritage Park.

  5. 5. Color Guard and the US Flag: The bowed head of the scout reminds us that a scout is reverent toward God.  The flag represents the great country we are blessed to call home and to whom we pledge our allegiance.  The flag also has the feel of being planted - which in 1969 was done on the moon - one of nation’s greatest STEM accomplishments.

  6. 6. The Graduate: Scouts are also thrifty scholars.  They will continually strive for high academic achievement and use their time and resources carefully.  It also denotes that a scout is a lifelong learner.

  7. 7. Scout Digging:  A scout is helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind, and ready to serve his community and fellow scouts.

  8. 8. The Archer:  Archery has always been a symbol of goal setting and by continually practicing the skills necessary to reach those goals by “hitting the bullseye.”

  9. 9. The Scout and Parent Canoeing: Our troop is family friendly, and this serves to remind us that scouts do not take this journey alone - that they are obedient and take direction well through the support from their leaders and parents.

  10. 10. Rock Climber: Often the symbol of life’s greatest challenges.  The brave scout will be tested over and over, and their perseverance shall help them overcome life’s greatest obstacles.

  11. 11. The Boot Print: The only thing a scout leaves behind.  The scouts will honor the Outdoor Code by leaving only footprints and taking only memories.

  12. 12. The Scuba Diver: High adventure awaits our scouts and they will be challenged to go beyond their perceived limits and abilities to gain a breadth understanding and skills.

  13. 13.  The Tent:  What is scouting without camping?  Camping symbolizes one’s ability to survive and adapt as necessary to various situations as well as the environment.

  14. 14. Splashes of Mud:  As Eagle Scout and television’s “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe said, “A scout is clean, but not afraid to get dirty.”

  15. 15. Circuit Board Background: This troop will work to emphasize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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